XTRA PC XTRA Care Warranty

Our custom-built computers contain the best quality parts and are built by professional technicians that have extensive system-building experience.  This is why we offer up to a 3 year warranty on our custom-built systems.  The warranty terms are as follows:

XTRA PC INC. warrants to the original purchaser that any hardware parts will be free of defects in craftsmanship and materials for the length of the warranty included with the system beginning at the date of purchase.  XTRA PC INC. will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective hardware, free of charges for labor and/or parts for the length of the warranty included with your system.  Replaced parts may not be the same but will be equivalent parts.  This warranty does not cover damage from external forces, e.g. impacts, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster; unauthorized modifications, attachments or peripherals, improper use, environment, installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; any other misuse, abuse, or mishandling. After the warranty period has expired, labor only for any parts replacement or upgrade of the original system will continue to be free of charge for the lifetime of the system.  Lifetime is defined as the length of time the original user owns the system starting from the date of purchase.  Parts for replacement or upgrade after the original warranty has expired are subject to availability.   This warranty only applies to custom-built computers from XTRA PC INC.  All other computer systems, laptops and tablets carry the original manufacturer’s warranty.

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